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My Startup idea is to make an app that can help tech enthusiasts and gamers build the right PC in their budget.

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About the Idea

My idea is to make an app that can make the process of building a PC from complex stuff to a child’s play. Building a PC is a very complex process, it involves choosing the right components and then assembling them into one cabinet to make a powerful beast alive. Though we can assemble the components by seeing some tutorial videos but choosing the right components for your PC is the most hectic part. Choosing the right components to get maximum output from your PC is very difficult for the first-timers. So my app would help the people to select the right components for their PC, e.g. if someone wants to build a PC for gaming their main aim to get maximum fps as well as good quality gameplay, so they need a powerful graphic card with a medium tier processor. On the other hand, if someone wants to build the PC for video editing they will need a mid-tier graphic card with a high tier processor. So, basically, I aim to make this mix-matching of components easier.

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Market Demand

The demand for custom PC rigs have increased rapidly in the past year, and this is due to two main reasons:

1. Growing number of Youtubers: Making a video on Youtube requires it’s editing too. And to make your video more engaging YouTubers use editing software, VFX and animation. Doing all this on a budget laptop or a low-end PC may be very slow and time-consuming. And sometimes the editing software doesn’t even run on low-end PC or Laptop. So, they need a powerful machine to handle all their mammoth tasks. In India, there are around 265M youtube users and at least there are 1M youtube channels in India.

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2. Growing Interest in Gaming: Recently a new career option has emerged i.e. Gaming. Many youngsters are opting full-time gaming and streaming as their career and it is indeed offering new opportunities to the youngsters. But gaming requires a high-end gaming PC and not every gamer out there knows how to build a PC or what set of components give maximum performance in their budget.

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So, my app can help all the techies who want to get a PC build and you can imagine how big this industry will become in the coming years.

Existing Solutions

The PC building guides are very few those that exist don’t provide a PC build for varying budget and the guides are often outdated with generation old hardware in their list. Also, the combination of GPU and CPU sometimes bottleneck and hence we don’t get the desired performance.

Also, the PC build guides don’t demonstrate the benchmark for their PC build. So, a user with a non-technical background can’t understand what sort of components to use and what performance will they provide.

Target Customers

Who so ever who wants to get a custom PC build will be our target. But to be precise, our main targets would be:

  1. Gamers
  2. Graphic designers
  3. Video editors
  4. Vfx Animators
  5. Architects, etc.

This list could tend to infinity as digitalisation is occurring at a very rapid rate. So, you can have an idea of how big this industry is.

Required knowledge to implement the idea

There are some basic requirements to implement this Idea:

  1. Java programming
  2. Andriod/IOS app development
  3. PC hardware knowledge
  4. Understanding of XML
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My Solution

The solution to the problem in PC building can be easily configured by my app. My app would take the input of purpose for which the user wants to build a PC, then the app would take the input of the budget of the user, then a list of the relevant PC build presets would be shown along with the benchmark scores or even videos of live performance if available. This would allow everyone to get a PC build with maximum performance.

Also, there would be an option to make a custom build and check it’s benchmark so that you can ensure that you get desired performance. Along with this, we would also compare the prices of all the mentioned parts online so, that the user gets all the parts at the best price.

Once the user gets all the parts we would even provide a step-by-step guide to install all the components into the PC cabinet.

Estimated Budget

The estimated cost to implement my idea is initially very less i.e. $250 that to host the app on play store or app store and for marketing. But later in stages, the investment will increase.

Product Pricing

The app would be free for all and would be available for free. But those customers who want personalised suggestions and would like to talk to us there would be a paid service available for $5 for 1 hour of the personalised session online. So, it would enable users to get a personalised PC build in their budget.

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Marketing Plans

I will promote and market my app on online platforms like Google ads, youtube, etc. I would also tie up with some YouTubers to promote the app.

And later when the app’s popularity will increase, the marketing strategy will grow and widen.

Risk Analysis

The only Risk or point of concern would be Marketing!! the more the app would be marketed the more the app would be known to the people out there searching for this kind of an app. So marketing would play a good and hefty role in my startup.




Tech-Enthusiast, Gamer

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Akshat Sirohi

Akshat Sirohi

Tech-Enthusiast, Gamer

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